A Comment from a Previous Muslim

I prayed and had to post this comment from a previous Muslim in Egypt who could not expose his email.

Please don’t publicize my email as you would truly jeopardize my life by doing so; there’s a death penalty for leaving Islam and for speaking out against it in the Muslim world.

An open letter to American, Canadian, Australian non-Muslims:
I am a closet Egyptian ex-Muslim atheist and I’m still living in Egypt, which as most of you most likely know, lies within the very dark heart of Islam—the Middle East. I was appalled by the fact that so many Westerners, even college-educated bright minds, have actually bought the politically correct multicultural (PC MC) false propaganda and silly, baseless allegations of main-stream media (MSM), albeit Fox News is not as extremely and dangerously PC as the rest of MSM outlets, and the Islamically justifiable deceptive lies (‘taqiya’ and ‘kitman’) spewed by koranimals for the purpose of propagating pislam on every front (media, education system, legal system, food industry, etc.), desensitizing far too many Westerners to the existential threat it poses to the West and rendering them completely oblivious to its utterly barbaric, inhumane doctrines and teachings and the spine-chilling, dreadful, atrocious fate which surely awaits all kaffirs in the West should the West, especially Europe (I have a sad feeling that it may be already too late for Europe) fall to Islam, for example by pointing out to a few peaceful Qu’ranic Meccan verses written when that fucking bastard and sadistic warlord, Mohamed—the founder of Islam and whom is believed by Muslims to be the “perfect man” for them to emulate—was still a weak leader with few followers which were later abrogated by numerous, prescriptive, open-ended, much more violent Medinan verses as well as Hadiths (the sayings of Mohamed)—written as the basis for never-ending institutionalized gruesome, deadly violence perpetrated by pious Muslims against infidels until they are all converted or subjugated—when he became a strong enough leader with many followers. From its inception, Islam has strived to take over the world by arms and the Islamic juggernaut has been stopped in its tracks and Islam has been pushed back and limited to its current realm by countless bloody wars in which hundreds of millions of kaffirs have perished and as a result of having fallen behind the non-Muslim world as regards scientific advancement and technological innovation proceeding at break-neck paces throughout the renaissance and enlightenment ages and beyond in the West and, to a lesser extent, in some Eastern European and non-Muslim Asian countries.

There’s been some backlash in the past few years in some European countries against the Koranimals and some decrease in dhimmitude and capitulation to Islam especially in France but I am not foreseeing a dramatic political sea change happening to put a halt to the Islamization of Europe and to turn back the Muslim invasion. The pathetic, pacifist, far-left EU politicians have disarmed the European citizens, of whom the vast majority are willfully ignorant of shitslam and/or are delusional with their minds so far locked in the cages of self-censoring PC insanity and so far have proven that they sacrifice critical thinking and rational response to the god of PC instead of actually standing up for themselves, their culture and values and instead of bending over, like a fear-paralyzed little pre-pubescent girl to her Muslim rapist, to the Islamic scum so an outbreak of a continent-wide civil war to purge Europe of the Islamic vermin, before Europe is demographically engulfed by Islam, will never be more than a pipe dream. Real freedom-loving Americans should take note and fight the Democrats tooth and nail to keep their guns and hopefully one day when Americans have had enough of the destructive presence of muzzies in America, Americans will rise up to give the muzzies in America an ultimatum–either they fuck off and return to their Islamic cesspools or it’s open season on every cousinfuckin’ one of ’em.

I can’t think of enough commending words to express how much gratitude and admiration I have for the many brave and honorable counter-jihadists who have devoted much of their time to stand up for the West; its people, civilization, culture, values and society against the invasive onslaught of the primitive Islam and to raise awareness of the REAL Islam and the havoc it has always wrecked and continues to wreck globally upon the lives and properties of kaffirs and to inform the masses—being brainwashed by the PC MC lamestream media and Liberal, Muslim-appeasing treacherous politicians and the so-called academic ‘experts’ on Islam—about the reality of this death cult but you informed Western Kaffirs should work harder to bring the real nature of Islam to the light among all your friends and acquaintances and even local council and state parliament representatives and to expose the greatest lie ever spread in human history which is that Islam means PEACE سلام in Arabic when it means SUBMISSION اسلام (note the subtle spelling difference) and to counter the silly, baseless allegations and claims of the PC lamestream media and deceptive lies (‘taqiya’ and ‘kitman’) spouted by koranimals brainwashing naïve Westerners to believe that ISLAM MEANS PEACE WHEN IT MEANS SUBMISSION AND THAT ISLAM IS A RACE WHEN IT IS NOT; ALL RACES HAVE THEIR SHARE OF MUZZIES and IF PEOPLE CAN CONVERT TO AND FROM ISLAM THEN IT IS DEFINITELY NOT A RACE!!! AND IT IS NOT RACIST TO EXPOSE THIS DEATH CULT for what it is and has always been just because most Muslims are people of color.
I have two pieces of information which can and should made to go viral through you which would make any Muslim capable of critical thinking apostate. Firstly, muzzies have a deeply-held false belief that Islam is the only monotheistic religion which they zealously boast and exploit to successfully gain converts who are ignorant of the theology of Judaism which is the other monotheistic, albeit a non-proselytizing, religion: is that the Qu’ran in Chapter 9 (Surat Tawba سورة التوبة), verse 30 claims that Jews worship someone called Ezra (‘Uzair’ ,عزير) as the son of god which is not true as the Hebrew Bible uses this term in a figurative sense to refer to certain characters, none of them is called Ezra or ‘Uzair’. Thus, Judaism is a monotheistic religion and Jews don’t worship ‘Uzair’ or Ezra or anyone else, for that matter, as the son of god but apparently Allah (read: Mohamed), in his alleged infinite wisdom, did not know that! Secondly, Allah (read: Mohamed) seems to have been unaware that Judaism is NOT a proselytizing religion when he cooked up his hate-filled, blood-drenched genocidal war manual, the unholy Qu’ran, as evident from Chapter 2 (Surat Bakarra, سورةالبقرة), verse 120.

ALL ISLAMO-AWARE American, Canadian and Australian INFIDELS MUST UNITE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST PISLAM regardless of belief, or lack thereof, race, ethnicity and home country.
I thankfully urge you to copy and paste the following onto a Microsoft Office Word file and send it via email to every one you know, more specifically the Islamophilic ones, and your parliament representatives and to share it on Facebook and mainstream media news sites and to print it and hand out flyers to random people in the street—do whatever you can think of to make this go viral for the collective safety and good of all us kaffirs and the very survival of the West (raise the alarm, ring the alarm bells):

This is the testimony of a closet ex-Muslim atheist born in Saudi Arabia and living since early childhood in Egypt.
My testimony should serve as a piece of WARNINGS and ADVICE to NON-MUSLIM (‘KUFFAR’كفار or ‘KAFFARRA’ كفرة) WESTERNERS from a NON-MUSLIM (‘KAFFIR’ كافر) LIVING IN AN ISLAMIC THEOCRACY (falsely believed to be a democracy by naïve and gullible Westerners) shithole which I am eager to leave as soon as I can.

I am a closet ex-Muslim atheist and under Islamic Sharia Law (applied fully in Saudi Arabia and Iran and, to a lesser extent, in almost all other Islamic countries), it’s a capital crime to be godless/irreligious and that is legally allowed to be punishable by vigilantes extra-judicially, as well as by the judicature, by death, usually by beheading, so it’s suicide to declare that I’m an atheist here. Islam which literally means SUBMISSION in Arabic is a hell-bent-on-world-domination, expansionist, militant, totalitarian, fascist Theo-political and socio-political supremacist ideology with a judicial aspect which masquerades as a religion and is the anti-thesis to everything democracy means and entails. From an Islamic theological perspective, the whole world is divided in two camps: dar al-Islam (دارالاسلام house/abode of Islam; that’s the Muslim world) and dar al-harb (الحرب دار house/abode of war; that’s the non-Muslim world upon which Islam relentlessly wages Jihad till it’s subjugated to the fold of Islam).

In Islam, there’s no separation of Mosque and State; the Mosque IS the State and the judicature rules according to the Islamic legal code or aspect—the Sharia (الشريعة الإسلامية) under which there are no individual freedoms and freedoms taken for granted in the non-Muslim world such as criticizing Islam as with any other religion or ideology (it’s free speech NOT hate speech), apostasy of Muslims, proselytizing any other faith (for example, renown foreign Christian missionaries are not allowed into Islamic countries and native Christians and Christian converts will be massacred by the authorities and ordinary Muslim people alike if they dare to proselytize to Muslims), being openly homosexual and having extra-marital sex are capital crimes punishable by beheading, hanging and stoning to death and it’s illegal to have pre-marital sex, drink alcoholic beverages and eat pork which are punishable by harsh whipping/flogging/lashing and lengthy imprisonment.

Furthermore, Muslims have been instructed in the Qu’ran and Hadiths to spread their ideology to all the world and subjugate all countries to Islamic Sharia even if done deceitfully (‘taqiya’ and ‘kitman’ doctrine تقية وكتمان) and even by terrorizing their non-Muslim civilians and “there’s no such thing as moderate Islam” (former Turkish PM Erdogan’s own words, Milliyet, Turkey, 21 August 2007) and the so-called moderate Muslims are not following, or ignorant of, their blood-drenched, horrific scriptures or just sleeping terrorist cells and ‘taqyia’ practicing stealth jihadis and all practicing, observant, devout, pious Muslims—who make up the overwhelming majority of Muslims—are Islamists (beards and hijabs and especially niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) who are and will sacrifice everything they have for global Islamic takeover and the re-establishment of a caliphate governed by Shariah laws under which all non-Muslims would either be forced to SUBMIT and convert to Islam or be beheaded except for Jews and Christians (‘people of the book’ أهل الكتاب) who would be made to convert to Islam or pay tribute tax (‘jizya’ جزية) to their Muslim masters and live as persecuted, cowed and threatened second-class citizens (‘zemmyeen’, ذميين) with most of their human rights forcibly denied and subjected to state-approved deadly attacks by rampaging Muslim mobs on a daily basis with no prosecution of the Muslim perpetrators whatsoever. Google and read the pact of Caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab with the Copts عهد الخليفة عمر مع الاقباط النصاري who had been by far the most tolerant Caliph to grasp the scale of the unbearably appalling conditions under which ‘zemmyeen’ have lived even under his rule and are, to a lesser degree, living today in the Muslim world.

Furthermore, please read the Sharia-compliant Cairo Declaration of ‘Human Rights’ in Islam abided by in member states of the OIC and see how it contradicts basic human rights enshrined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights to freedom of speech and freedom of conscience among many other issues. Moreover, please visit faithfreedom.org—which is banned in almost all Muslim countries by the way—and jihadwatch.com for further info and in addition, google and read an un-sanitized version of the “Reliance of the traveler” and the ‘Sira’ (biography) of Mohamed to open your eyes fully to the reality of this death cult.

All Western citizens who cherish FREEDOM must STOP electing Muslim-appeasing, politically correct Liberal Leftists who will foolishly cause the West to be Islamized by their mass Muslim immigration policies and support for government provision of generous social welfare for, among other impoverished people, the notoriously massively procreating Muslim families (demographic jihad) and the Leftists’ advocacy and endorsement of cultural “enrichment” and multiculturalism (which is a good thing but not with Islamic culture) or else live hell under Islamic Sharia. Since its inception, Islam has always been at WAR with the WEST–in fact, has always been at WAR with the REST (the entire non-Muslim world)–and for the West to finally conquer Islam, FREEDOM-treasuring/loving patriotic Americans, Canadians and Australians MUST elect cultural nationalist politicians for parliament, government and presidency even if they are not White from the likes of Allen West (especially that, in his case, the Muslim-appeasing, politically correct Leftists cannot play the race card against him), including the White nationalists and White supremacists among infidel voters, who are well-aware of the reality of Islam, and who will have to: 1) STOP buying oil from oil-rich Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia as a large proportion of Saudi petrodollars serves as the chief source of funding the spread of the Wahhabi Salafi sect of Islam (most intolerant interpretation of the most intolerant ideology الوهابية السلفية) and financing Jihad all over the world and instead, import oil from Canada, Brazil, Mexico and reluctantly Venezuela and Russia; 2) STOP immigration of Muslims and allow only non-Muslim legal immigrants into America, Canada and Australia; 3) DEPORT Muslim immigrants especially Islamists (beards, hijabs and niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) to their respective homelands and leave them to die off as most Muslim states are technological and economic failures and would not have the resources to even provide medical care and food for their people if it weren’t for the huge oil export revenues of some oil-rich Muslim countries and the civilized, developed world generously giving vital aid and basic life necessities to the oil-poor ones.


So, you should have established, by now, that by contributing to my testimony going viral, you would contribute to waking up the masses of brain-washed, naïve Islamophilic Westerners and if the aforementioned insightful solution to the Islamic mortal, existential threat which: 1) cutting the life-line of Islam which is oil export and international foreign aid; 2) removal of Islam and deportation of Muslims from the West and 3) confining the Muslims to their Islamic cesspits, does not sit well with bleeding-heart Islamophilic Westerners, you can tell them that there’s a less peaceful alternative solution: vaporizing the Ka’aba with precision-guided munitions, at a time of the year during which there are relatively few pilgrims there; for the unimaginably enormous shock that would befall the Muslims worldwide, since they firmly believe it’s indestructible, would be sufficient to make at least half of them abandon Islam and join humanity on the very same day of this would-be long overdue monumental event.

Westerners, you either reluctantly choose from the 2 aforementioned resolutions or cower and instead, leave your children and grandchildren to deal with a much more numerically stronger and emboldened Islam and since I doubt the future generations of Westerners would be any less spineless and lily-livered than most of you are—you either act NOW, or your children and grand-children will live forcibly in compliance to the barbaric Islamic Sharia against their will or perish—literally.

On the other hand, should the West fall to Islam by demographic engulfment courtesy of mass Muslim immigration and high birth rates, there is a promising beacon of hope that, given the ever-growing need for oil in China coupled with substantial increases of the price and decreased supply of that vital commodity, communist China will lead the global fight against Islamic expansionist, aggressive totalitarianism; no PC MC insanity over there among the leaders and members of the general public alike—at least not in full swing as it is in the West, and after all, it’s only commie and totalitarian regimes that have managed to suppress all religions (read: superstitions), including Islam, within their realm, although Islam is not exactly a religion but a militant, expansionist and totalitarian Theo-political ideology.


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Spent ten years teaching college-level ESL (English as a Second Language), four of those years in the Middle East. Studied Islam for more than six years and now speaks on the Signs of the Times and How to Be Ready both spiritually and physically for perilous times sure to come and Christ's return.
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